Music theater for 4 percussionists, 2002

Klaus Lang
MaerzMusik – Festival für aktuelle Musik
Concept: Klaus Lang, Claudia Doderer
Music: Klaus Lang
Space: Claudia Doderer
Light: Anderas Fuchs
with Studio Percussion Graz
Premiere: March 7, 2002, Hebbel-Theater Berlin


Klaus Lang’s and Claudia Doderer’s music-theatre kirschblüten.ohr. is a theatre of listening, of silence, of extreme sonic experiences. The listener is located within a dimmed, spiral- like space (Claudia Doderer) that signifies the cochlea, the most sensitive part of the human inner ear. A synchronized sound-/light-composition (light design: Andreas Fuchs) turns the performing space into an audiovisual realm in between inner and outer world. The extremely soft and resonating sounds of the four percussionists are at times overlaid by rhythmic pulses that – according to Klaus Lang, the composer – might be described as ripples on a lake caused by a slight breeze or as pebbles dropping irregularly on a flat surface.
The Japanese aesthetic principle of ‚condensed beauty’ also was significant during the creative process. The yearly cherry blossom is regarded as a foremost example of this principle and it is appreciated not least because of its transitoriness. Klaus Lang chooses an exquisite orchestration to recreate this principle: bowed crotales, glasses, turkish cymbals and struck bongos, timpani and big drums are employed to unfold a magic compression and extension of time that leads to a unique aesthetic experience.

Excerpt from the program Hebbel-Theater Berlin 2002