Pacific Bodies

Performative Installationen, 2016

Brendan Dougherty – Elektronik
Thea & Annie Gårlid – Stimme und Elektronik
Neele Hülcker & Stella Veloce – ASMR Objekte, Stimme und Elektronik
Martin Hiendl & Claudia Doderer – Klavier, Elektronik und Objekte
Flutgraben, Berlin
Eröffnung: 19. Juni 2016

Pacific Bodies
Performative Installationen

Pacific Bodies is a long afternoon and evening of performative installations – of music as spatial art – and is situated somewhere between concert music, sound art and performance art. Four projects will happen more or less at the same time in the same space. As an audience member, you’re invited to come and go around, to move freely between the projects and to discover your perception as a creative process.


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